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Nidicus is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2014, Nidicus has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through www.nidicus.com, which are available in multiple major languages.

Nidicus offers products in the two core categories of apparel

"Has grace, more depth" is the service tenet of Nidicus.

Focusing on clothing,Nidicus is not just a website with clear category of its products aiming to create a memorable customer experience and provide excellent service. It is also a cultural website that is contributed to creating various themes: men's outwear, men's tops and men's accessories.

nidicus.com is a website that offers customized clothing that helps to show your personal understanding of style, mature, male charm and elegance. Nidicus also can help you understand what a man really need in his personal wardrobe. The products and services are oriented towards "Has grace, more depth" .

Nidicus is not just an expert adviser on fashion and style; it is also your friend that can provide you with the best-quality and most timely service imaginable. It is the vocation of Nidicus to dress you pleasantly; thus, in turn, it will become your top fashion choice.

Nidicus Story

Everyone has a dream. Imagining what a fifteen-year-old boy's dream is? Little Nidicus was not dreaming of going to college, not dreaming to be a musician, not dreaming of living an abundant life, because these dreams were so far away from him. Born in a poor family, he had no opportunity to choose, only to change.


When he was sixteen years old, he dropped out of school because his family couldn't afford the tuition any more. His father's death undoubtedly worsened the grave situation. In the face of all this, he felt God was unfair to him. He wanted to fight against the fate. At this point, an old friend of his father found him. He let Nidicus be an apprentice in his cloth store and learn to do business from him. In the following years, Nidicus go south and north to replenish their stock with his boss. He gradually understood corresponding prices of various kinds of fabrics and how to distinguish which kind of fabric is a good material. After years of hardworking, the little smart boy grown up into a mature businessman.


In his eyes, the boss is more like a father than a boss. Finally, Nidicus respected the boss's last wishes and took over the store. The small cloth store was also named after Nidicus. Through decades of development, Nidicus has formed an unique fashion style and became an international well-known menswear brand.

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· Address: 1335, 1/Bdg, Duoli Industry Park, No. 105 Meihua Road Futian, Shenzhen, China

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